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Arif: Senior Project Manager
What I do: I’m proud to have been with Working Well Trust since 1994 where my time has been rewarding. As senior project manager of Sew and Support I supervise and train the employees, lassie with care co-ordinators and work with local designers. I ensure the project runs efficiently, am responsible for the recruitment of new clients, and aim to bring in as much commercial work as possible. I have tremendous support from the staff and everyone in the organisation.

Outside of work: My favourite hobbies are fishing, cooking and gardening.


Anhar: Trainer
What I do: I’ve been with Working Well Trust since 1996 and during my time with the organization I not only carried out the job role as a trainer but also enjoyed the job and feel like it’s my family. I have trained our participants in a broad range of clothing manufacturing skills in accordance with a step-by-step training module. Working with participants of different level of self esteem & work skills has also helped me become more patient and develop my people’s skills.    

Outside of work: I am involved with my local community and I play a vital role in making any improvements or dealing with social issues. My favourite hobbies are playing kite and gardening.

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